Pelican chillin' on his own

I’ve been studying on a strange fellow today. It’s not that I’m any better than he is. It’s just that he is a little different from me and that intrigues me. I guess he probably thinks that I am odd looking too. He would not be alone in that sentiment. They call this odd bird
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She and I

My alarm, my nemesis, goes off early around my place.  It gives no thought to how I feel.  Some mornings I think I almost hear it laugh as it rings in my ear. I roll out of bed and head off into the abyss that is the working world. This alone takes up a fair
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The Domestication of Chris Darden

Many moons ago I was not married.  I was without child as well.  I knew other guys that had taken on these sort of things but it all seemed very distant, like something that I should have no part in.  Some talked of the time when they would settle down but that had no appeal
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