She and I

My alarm, my nemesis, goes off early around my place.  It gives no thought to how I feel.  Some mornings I think I almost hear it laugh as it rings in my ear. I roll out of bed and head off into the abyss that is the working world. This alone takes up a fair
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The Domestication of Chris Darden

Many moons ago I was not married.  I was without child as well.  I knew other guys that had taken on these sort of things but it all seemed very distant, like something that I should have no part in.  Some talked of the time when they would settle down but that had no appeal
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Dance With The One That Brought You

One early morning this week I stepped out the front door and there waiting for me was our family dog, Charlie.  This would not have been unusual but as of late Charlie has been prone to wander.  For you who have not lived in the country, many of us here try not to put our
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